Persona Shades can make your Kid’s room unique 

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We can all remember our childhood bedroom that served as the place where we played, imagined, dreamed, and even hid from the monsters in our closet. Now that we’re all grown up with kids of our own, we want to bring the same magic into their lives. However, when browsing the children’s decoration aisle, it’s quickly apparent that most companies have a cookie cutter style that is not very expressive of the creativity of a child’s imagination. It’s no surprise that when looking at children’s window shades, the existing options are not the most uniquely inspired. This is where we come in. Our PERSONA custom printed window shade program makes decorating your child’s room a breeze! Instead of going to ten different stores trying to find the shades to match your idea, simply create them! Or you can even make it into a fun design collaboration project with your kid. They will be thrilled at the fact that they were able to take part in such an important project, and will love it every time they see it. When they are older, they will have a unique heirloom from their childhood that later on in life they can bring back out and use for their own children!

Our interactively designed program allows you to pick everything from the exact color, pattern, texture or design and see a preview of your one of a kind, unique shades before ordering. You design it, we print it. The only limit now is your imagination. You can start with one of our patterns or use your own image or photo. A fun idea would be to turn some of your children’s doodles into the design.

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Using the program is a breeze. You simply choose from Roller, Roman, Panel Track, and Cellular shades, and after picking one out you can start designing and expressing your own unique style. You can either recolor one of our patterns using our full color palette, or you can submit your own photo, graphic or design. When you’ve spent all the time you want perfecting the design down to the smallest detail, simply print out your design and give us a visit. We will assist you in final steps, such as hardware selection, and can show you all the latest styles that will perfectly fit and frame your design. Be sure you click the “printer” icon after you’ve designed your shade. This will generate a PDF document showing you the design you’ve created along with the design number and color numbers you selected.

Need help designing your shades? No problem! At Shutter Masters, we know that choosing from all of these options can seem fairly daunting at times, and we are more than happy to help you go through the customization process in person. We can help you navigate the program and give you tips for making the vision you have truly come to life. We can even visit your home to get a better understanding of the style you are trying to achieve. We like to fully dedicate ourselves to each client, and will bring samples, fabric, and color options so you can see exactly what the treatments will look like in your home. Let Shutter Masters’ in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your child’s bedroom window treatment needs. Schedule your free consultation today!

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