When to Hire a Pro

Although DIY is all the rage these days, sometimes its just better to get professional help. This is especially true when you have a great vision of how you want your décor to look, but are unsure of what to actually choose and how to install it. Here are some reasons why it’s better to hire a window treatment expert to make all of your decoration dreams come true.

DIY is not your thing

Although it doesn’t look very hard, installing new window treatments can sometimes be pretty tricky. There are always several factors to consider like where studs should be placed, what decorative molding would look best, and varying sill depth. If any of these small but vital parts of the window installment is not done correctly, it will definitely show it. If you don’t have a lot of experience installing window treatments, its better to hire a professional who will make it a breeze. Plus, if you get a customized window treatment, the professional installation is included in the project price.

Your windows are on the complicated side

Most people don’t like to think of their windows as being complicated, however, this becomes an unwelcome reality when they try to find a ready made decoration at the local improvement store. Because windows can vary in width, height, and other variables, this will significantly affect how they need to be fitted. When you hire a professional to fit your windows, they will be sure to note any issues that could affect the design and installation of your window treatments. They will take your window’s exact measurements and unique lines, and with this information in hand help you choose the perfect solution for your windows. By hiring a professional to do the job you are enduring that the window treatment your windows have provides the perfect fit.

You need design advice

Although it is great to live in a time when the options for window treatments are virtually endless, this can very quickly become overwhelming, especially if decorating isn’t in your arena of expertise. With Shutter Masters, you will be able to explore the options right in your home, and receive customized advice and recommendations based on the space you have and your needs. Going forward with a project with knowing how it will look and function in your home will significantly decrease the stress that can come from decorating, and instead provide you with relaxed tranquility.

You have a very specific vision

Its such a wonderful thing to have an imagination that can come up with the most stunning ideas, however it is often the case that our vision struggles to become a reality when we are faced with the actual options that exist in ready made decorations. Most places carry simple two panel length fraperies, and have a minimal selection of fabric and hardware available. When you work with a window decorating expert, your options become practically endless and you have access to hundreds of styles, fabrics, and hardware options. If these don’t completely fulfill your vision, the window expert can help you in the process of designing your own custom window treatment.

You want to explore advanced features

It’s easy to only focus on the visual details of your window treatment, but don’t overlook the way they can function, which is just as important! If you are interested in exploring more modern advanced operating systems for your window treatment such as cordless, or motorized opening and closing, hiring an expert is the way to go. They will be able to explain the benefits that come with each advanced feature, and be able to recommend the best solution that fits your vision and lifestyle.

If you need help picking out what styles best fit your home, don’t hesitate to give Shutter Masters a call. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. Let Shutter Masters’ in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. Schedule your free consultation today!

Keeping Shades Clean

Cleaning shades is one of those chores that always seems to fall on the back burner of house cleaning priorities. However, shades collect a large amount of dust that aside from looking unsightly in your home décor, can also cause allergic reactions. Although it seems like it would be bothersome and time-consuming, it really only takes around 30 minutes a month to keep shades nice and clean. Here are some tips on how to keep your all of your house shades clean year round.

Cellular shades

A popular pick for those who want energy efficient window treatments, cellular shades also come with the advantage of being easy to clean. All you have to do is use the dusting tool on your vacuum and going over it on low suction, that’s it! If there are any existing stains, you can get rid of these by lightly blotting them with a sponge, lukewarm water, and dish detergent.

Roman shades

Whether you have flat, draped, or pleated roman shades, cleaning these is quite easy. Simply use you the soft dusting brush attachment on the low suction setting, and gently go over the shades. It is best to use a handheld vacuum if possible. Should you find any unsightly stains on these, simply spot clean them with a cloth dipped in mild detergent. Be sure not to over-saturate it, gently rinse and blot dry.

Sheer shades

These ethereally trendy transparent window shades may look delicate, but they are actually quite strong as they are made from sturdy polyester that has been knitted. No fancy equipment needed here, just vacuum with the brush attachment on the very lowest suction setting.

Roller shades

Roller shades have become one of the most versatile of shades because they can come in a wide range of textures, colors, and fabrics. For these, all they usually need are a simple going over with the vacuum’s soft brush tool, and if necessary a little bit of spot cleaning. If you have classic vinyl roller shades, simply wipe the shade in sections using a sponge or well-rung cloth that is dipped in a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water. Begin wiping from the bottom, and work your way up to the top making sure to rinse in between sections. Then after you’re done, leave the shade extended so that it can dry. Another way to clean these is using a bath (vinyl only). Cover them up all the way in the bathtub, add squirts of dishwashing soap, and then begin cleaning the shades on both sides using a soft brush. Then rinse, air dry, and hang them up again.

That’s it! Keeping your shades clean may seem like a chore, but when it gets pared down to a few go overs with the vacuum once a month, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Use these simple methods to keep your shades clean, and you’ll never have that naggy feeling tugging on your conscience about the dust on your shades ever again.

5 ways having an organized closet can improve your life

The smallest things often have a massive impact on our life. Organization is a subtle yet vital part of living your life to the fullest. However, it is something that often gets tossed aside when our busy lives take over. Organizing can help improve your life by allowing you to take charge of your immediate environment and the way you interact with it. One of the best places to start organizing your life is your closet. A closet filled to the rim with two feet of clothes on the floor and a chaotic jungle of clothes on hangers just isn’t the way to a happy, stress free life. Here are 5 ways having an organized closet can improve your life.

Easier mornings:

Nothing makes you regret those extra ten minutes of sleep more than frantically searching for a missing sock for ten minutes. If you’re anything like me, living on the edge of being perfectly on time, and being late is a sort of guilty pleasure. But this can turn into being really, really late if your perfectly timed plan gets derailed by having to search through piles of clothes to find the day’s outfit. By having an organized closet, you will be able to easily find everything you need.

More stylish days:

When your closet is clean, it makes picking out an awesomely coordinated outfit infinitely easier. No longer will you be limited to digging through your closet to find one shirt that doesn’t match anything near you. Even if you don’t pick your outfit the night before, all you will have to do is go through the different sections of your closet where you’ll clearly be able to see the options you have. It’ll make getting dressed as fun as shopping!

Motivation to work out:

Once you get your closet organized, you will be able to decide where you want to put separate sections for every type of clothes. For this, you can use Shutter Masters closet organizers. Shutter Masters has a great service that takes the unique dimensions of your closet, and through an installed system maximizes the abilities of the space to fit your closet needs. One good idea is to make a section solely for your workout attire. That way, there won’t be the excuse of not working out because you can’t find anything to wear. It’s much easier to work out when you pass by your closet and your running leggings are begging to be used. Anything that boosts motivation is a good thing!

Less stress:

Not only will having a clean closet make your life run smoother, you’ll also experience less stress. A study done by neuroscientists at Princeton University found that when they looked at people’s stress and performance levels in an organized versus disorganized environment, any sort of physical clutter in the surroundings subconsciously competes for attention, ultimately resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.

More Happiness:

As Marie Kondo, author of the Art of Decluttering put it, the question we must ask ourselves is, “does this spark joy?”. Ultimately, having a closet that is cluttered and filled to the very top with a mess of clothes will deduct happiness from your life as well as the ability to live a functional and efficient life from the very start of the day. It may appear to be a small part of your life, but as the wise words say, “if you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.”

Roller Blinds Rock

Window treatments are one of the most important focal points of any room. This is because they can impact the style and mood of a room with a simple switch. Roller blinds have been around and quite popular since the 1970s, although earlier versions were used in ancient Egypt. Roller blinds look great in any room, are flexible in their ability to blend and function within the existing décor, and are very easy to use while having great durability. Let’s explore these benefits further.

Roller blinds work well for both homes, and businesses. They give any room clean, simple lines that connect to the window where they are placed, allowing them to blend into the space of any room. Unlike ornate fabric curtains, blinds don’t have excess fabric and allow for a more modern and streamlined look. Roller blinds also come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, which can range from translucent, sun-screening, and even black out blinds. This gives the decorator a great range of creativity whenever choosing what kind of roller blinds the room needs to create a certain mood. This can also work to match a room that has already been designed, but needs the final touch of a compatible window treatment.

Aside from being flexible in their ability to blend into any existing design theme, they are also able to function flexibly as well.
Roller blinds can work for any room that requires functional window areas, from master rooms, to children’s rooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and kitchens, allowing for functional and controllable lighting. Some people even choose to install a dual roller blind where two blinds are installed on the same mount. This can help when you want complete control over the amount of light that is entering a room. This can be done by installing dual sun-screening blinds and black-out blinds on top. The sun-screen blinds are there to let the light go through, while blocking annoying glare and harmful UV rays, while black out blinds are totally impenetrable to the light.

Ease of operation and durability are one of the main reasons roller blinds are so popular. They feature a wide range of operating systems that go from spring assisted, to chain drive, to being fully motorized, allowing them to fit into the needs of any existing room. They are able to open and close with very little effort, and with motorized blinds you can control the blinds from any place in the room. Another plus is that these blinds are made of easy to clean, durable material, and feature strong steel tubes, fabrics high in quality, and operating systems that have been tested.

Overall, roller blinds make a great attractive, functional, and long lasting covering for your windows. No matter what your room’s style or functional requirements, there is a roller blind out there that will fit your needs perfectly. Sometimes having an infinite amount of choices can be overwhelming. Let Shutter Masters in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. At Shutter Masters we have a style for every budget and space. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your new window treatments!

Blinds vs. Curtains

For people who love designing the interiors of their home, one of the benefits of living in the modern day world is the infinite options that are out there for window treatment styles. However, this wide array of options can sometimes be intimidating when it comes to actually picking something out. Selecting window treatments can actually be quite easy and even pleasant experience when you know what you’re looking for, and what will work the best with your space. One of the things that you may experience choosing between are blinds and curtains. Both have great aesthetic looks and additional benefits, but certain spaces fit better with one or the other, and sometimes both. Here are some tips on helping you in your decision.

Blinds Vs. Curtains: Décor

Curtains are known for their elegant draped appearance that makes daylight look ethereal as it softly shines through. Curtains come in every kind of color, pattern, material, and size that you can think of. There are even places where you can design your own. Curtains are able to fit any room style, they can be light and flowy in the kitchen, or thick and heavy for ornate design themes that keep the room dark and cozy. Curtains are great at creating a focal point for the room.

Blinds, on the other hand, are usually used in more professional settings, although they can also create a great casual feel to any room. Blinds have changed so much in the past ten years, changing from simple generic style to having a huge range of options. Generally, blinds are known to be less expensive than curtains, which help if you are decorating on a budget. Although they are generally not as ornate as curtains, they can be easily enhanced with stunning valances and other window treatment accessories, or you can even design your own custom made ones. 

Blinds Vs. Curtains: Function

Two of the main functions that curtains and blinds have are the ability to control light and provide privacy. The type of curtain or blind that you get makes a big difference in the strength ability to do either. The lightest, sheer curtains are usually always used for decorative purposes. They let light and, and offer little privacy, but they are great for creating a soft, soothing and relaxed environment. Heavy curtains on the other hand block almost all of the light coming into the the window when they are totally closed, but can be easily adjusted by closing or opening them. Generally, it is best to have an arrangement of both, so that there is a set of sheer curtains that somewhat block the view whenever the thicker curtains are open.

Blinds are one of the most functional décor pieces out there. With a simple twist of a rod, you are able to control how much light enters the room at any given time. Because of the curved blind slats, the view inside the home can be obscured, while allowing light to shine through. The gives them an advantage over curtains, giving them the benefit of both light flow and privacy. 

Blinds Vs. Curtains: Combination

More and more, curtains and blinds are being combined to form the ultimate form of function and decoration. Blinds cover the window, while decorative curtains are placed over them. This way, there is no choice between functionality and beauty.

For people who have a hard time deciding between either, this provides the best of both worlds. This style provides many options, the blinds can be pulled all the way up so it only looks like there are curtains. There are many benefits for both sides of window décor treatment choices. However, there is no right or wrong choice. When you are deciding what type of window covering to use, choose what fits best with the mood and existing decoration of your home. Sometimes having an infinite amount of choices can be overwhelming though. Let Shutter Masters in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. At Shutter Masters we have a style for every budget and space. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your new window treatments!