Roller Blinds Rock

Window treatments are one of the most important focal points of any room. This is because they can impact the style and mood of a room with a simple switch. Roller blinds have been around and quite popular since the 1970s, although earlier versions were used in ancient Egypt. Roller blinds look great in any room, are flexible in their ability to blend and function within the existing décor, and are very easy to use while having great durability. Let’s explore these benefits further.

Roller blinds work well for both homes, and businesses. They give any room clean, simple lines that connect to the window where they are placed, allowing them to blend into the space of any room. Unlike ornate fabric curtains, blinds don’t have excess fabric and allow for a more modern and streamlined look. Roller blinds also come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, which can range from translucent, sun-screening, and even black out blinds. This gives the decorator a great range of creativity whenever choosing what kind of roller blinds the room needs to create a certain mood. This can also work to match a room that has already been designed, but needs the final touch of a compatible window treatment.

Aside from being flexible in their ability to blend into any existing design theme, they are also able to function flexibly as well.
Roller blinds can work for any room that requires functional window areas, from master rooms, to children’s rooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and kitchens, allowing for functional and controllable lighting. Some people even choose to install a dual roller blind where two blinds are installed on the same mount. This can help when you want complete control over the amount of light that is entering a room. This can be done by installing dual sun-screening blinds and black-out blinds on top. The sun-screen blinds are there to let the light go through, while blocking annoying glare and harmful UV rays, while black out blinds are totally impenetrable to the light.

Ease of operation and durability are one of the main reasons roller blinds are so popular. They feature a wide range of operating systems that go from spring assisted, to chain drive, to being fully motorized, allowing them to fit into the needs of any existing room. They are able to open and close with very little effort, and with motorized blinds you can control the blinds from any place in the room. Another plus is that these blinds are made of easy to clean, durable material, and feature strong steel tubes, fabrics high in quality, and operating systems that have been tested.

Overall, roller blinds make a great attractive, functional, and long lasting covering for your windows. No matter what your room’s style or functional requirements, there is a roller blind out there that will fit your needs perfectly. Sometimes having an infinite amount of choices can be overwhelming. Let Shutter Masters in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. At Shutter Masters we have a style for every budget and space. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your new window treatments!

Blinds vs. Curtains

For people who love designing the interiors of their home, one of the benefits of living in the modern day world is the infinite options that are out there for window treatment styles. However, this wide array of options can sometimes be intimidating when it comes to actually picking something out. Selecting window treatments can actually be quite easy and even pleasant experience when you know what you’re looking for, and what will work the best with your space. One of the things that you may experience choosing between are blinds and curtains. Both have great aesthetic looks and additional benefits, but certain spaces fit better with one or the other, and sometimes both. Here are some tips on helping you in your decision.

Blinds Vs. Curtains: Décor

Curtains are known for their elegant draped appearance that makes daylight look ethereal as it softly shines through. Curtains come in every kind of color, pattern, material, and size that you can think of. There are even places where you can design your own. Curtains are able to fit any room style, they can be light and flowy in the kitchen, or thick and heavy for ornate design themes that keep the room dark and cozy. Curtains are great at creating a focal point for the room.

Blinds, on the other hand, are usually used in more professional settings, although they can also create a great casual feel to any room. Blinds have changed so much in the past ten years, changing from simple generic style to having a huge range of options. Generally, blinds are known to be less expensive than curtains, which help if you are decorating on a budget. Although they are generally not as ornate as curtains, they can be easily enhanced with stunning valances and other window treatment accessories, or you can even design your own custom made ones. 

Blinds Vs. Curtains: Function

Two of the main functions that curtains and blinds have are the ability to control light and provide privacy. The type of curtain or blind that you get makes a big difference in the strength ability to do either. The lightest, sheer curtains are usually always used for decorative purposes. They let light and, and offer little privacy, but they are great for creating a soft, soothing and relaxed environment. Heavy curtains on the other hand block almost all of the light coming into the the window when they are totally closed, but can be easily adjusted by closing or opening them. Generally, it is best to have an arrangement of both, so that there is a set of sheer curtains that somewhat block the view whenever the thicker curtains are open.

Blinds are one of the most functional décor pieces out there. With a simple twist of a rod, you are able to control how much light enters the room at any given time. Because of the curved blind slats, the view inside the home can be obscured, while allowing light to shine through. The gives them an advantage over curtains, giving them the benefit of both light flow and privacy. 

Blinds Vs. Curtains: Combination

More and more, curtains and blinds are being combined to form the ultimate form of function and decoration. Blinds cover the window, while decorative curtains are placed over them. This way, there is no choice between functionality and beauty.

For people who have a hard time deciding between either, this provides the best of both worlds. This style provides many options, the blinds can be pulled all the way up so it only looks like there are curtains. There are many benefits for both sides of window décor treatment choices. However, there is no right or wrong choice. When you are deciding what type of window covering to use, choose what fits best with the mood and existing decoration of your home. Sometimes having an infinite amount of choices can be overwhelming though. Let Shutter Masters in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. At Shutter Masters we have a style for every budget and space. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your new window treatments!

The Best Way to Clean all the Blinds in Your House

Spring is finally in the air, and the excitement of new life is everywhere. Synonymous with the arrival of spring is cleaning…a time where the dust gathered in the winter is swept out, and fresh air is brought into the home. However, one chore nobody seems to enjoy is cleaning the blinds. It’s annoyingly time-consuming, and because there are so many different kinds of blinds, it can be hard to know if you’re even doing it right. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get all of your blinds clean in one day, getting this notorious chore done quickly and effectively, so you can move on to the better things and enjoy the beautiful spring views framed by the loveliest of blinds.

Faux-Wood Blinds

Faux-wood blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings in our modern day world. They also attract a ton of dust. If you find that your faux-wood blinds are dusty, simply using a vacuum with a dust brush attachment will make cleaning them a breeze. Just close the blinds all the way, vacuum the first side, then turn them the other way and vacuum the other side. Make sure that the suction is on its lightest setting so you don’t accidentally warp the slats.

Faux-wood blinds located in the kitchen usually collect some grease and dirt in addition to dust, which requires a bit more cleaning. This is where all natural white vinegar comes to the rescue. Simply fill a small bowl with a mixture made up of of one part vinegar and one part water, and then use a clean sock to dip in the bowl. Same as before, turn the blinds one way and wipe them, then turn them the other way and clean the other side. The vinegar will effectively remove the grease and grime, and your blinds will be left looking fresh, all without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Wood Blinds

Most wood blinds are treated with a special finish to repel dirt and stains. Just like wood furniture, wood blinds can be cleaned with a good quality furniture polish and a clean sock. Simply spray the furniture polish on the cloth and wipe each slat individually, being sure to avoid touching the cords. If heavier cleaning is required, you can use plain water, just be careful not to saturate the wood. Be sure to wipe any excess water immediately to prevent unsightly warping, discoloration, or warping.

Vinyl or Aluminum Mini Blinds

Vinyl or aluminum mini blinds can be treated like faux-wood blinds and be cleaned by dusting and washing with a cloth. However, if there is greasy grime in addition to the dust, this can become quite time consuming. If this is the case, take each set of blinds down one at a time and soak them in your bathtub with some dish soap. Using a soft sponge, go over both sides of the slats. After soaking, drain the dirty water and refill the tub with clean water to rinse them out. Make sure to rinse away all of the soap suds to avoid any spotting. After rinsing, gently lay the blinds on top of some dry towels to soak up some of the remaining water, then hang the blinds back up to allow them to dry completely, opening your windows may help them dry faster. Once your aluminum blinds are clean, you can treat them with a dusting spray to prevent any future dust and dirt from settling on them.

Fabric Shades (Cellular, Pleated, Roman)

To clean and dust fabric shades and coverings, use the dust brush attachment of your vacuum on a low setting as you vacuum and brush away any dirt. You can also do this with a hair dryer that is set to cool by using it to blow away trapped dirt, bugs, or spider webs. Any existing stains or grime on these types of blinds can be treated by using a sponge that is dampened with warm, soapy water. Use a gentle soap to prevent damaging the cloth. Just gently blot the area as necessary, but be careful not to oversaturate. Be sure to allow the shades to dry completely before raising them.
If you find that your shades are much dirtier than this would solve, you may need professional cleaning.

Vertical Blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds is very similar as cleaning the ones listed above, depending on whether they are fabric or vinyl. A lint roller may be helpful to easily roll over vertical blinds picking up dust and cobwebs along the way.

After you have cleaned out your blinds, you can keep them looking fresh and clean by making it a habit to vacuum and dust around your home regularly.