The cost of blinds repair in knoxville tn

There is nothing more unexpected than a blind breaking.

You think they’re somehow indestructible until the cat launches itself at them like they’re it’s prey, and you’re left with the shattered memories of the blinds you thought would be there forever. You’re left wondering what to do, other than get brand new blinds. Shutter Masters has your back. We offer the best cost of blinds repair in Knoxville, TN. Simply schedule a home consultation, and we’ll send our professionals to assess the problem, and provide you with the best solution. Here are some common problems that can occur with blinds.

Broken Slats:

If your cat jumps on your blinds, the slats are the most likely thing to break. Slats are the horizontal pieces that make up the blinds. These can be worn down or broken by getting warped, chipped, bitten (we’re looking at you Fido), or even have water damage. We simply order sturdier individual pieces and slip the new ones to replace the ones that have been broken. The cost of this repair depends on the size, quantity, and material needed.

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Tilt Mechanism:

The tilt mechanism comes as either a wand or a cord tilter. You may be wondering what a wand tilters is. It’s the little stick that you twist to open or close the blinds. Cord tilters on the other hand are the two strings on a flywheel that rotate as you pull down on it. Both of these are quite common to repair, because of their high usability rate. Tilt mechanism issues are fairly quick and affordable to fix.


These are rounded drums found at the top of the blinds. Over the course of the existence of blinds, manufacturers have used thin plastic barrels in their blinds, often resulting in broken barrels when they are exposed to heat over time. They become brittle, and after breaking, they release the strings holding the blind together, making it look wonky and useless. We’ll replace your barrels with high quality ones that can stand the heat and test of time.

Lift Strings

Lift Strings: You know those things you don’t appreciate until they’re gone? Add lift strings to the list. We all take being able to move our blinds up and down for granted, until one day the lift strings break, and you are very unpleasantly surprised. The only pleasant thing about this is that they are very easily fixed and affordable.

Ladder Strings:

Think of the ladder strings as the supporting bones of a blind. These usually break at the top, unless little hands with scissors cut it at the bottom. These strings become worn down by the blind continuously rotating on it back and forth. Ladder repair is one of the most technical of repairs but because we’re professionals, it’s not too big of a deal.

If you run into any of these problems, don’t hesitate to give Shutter Masters a call. We’re proud to offer convenient local blind repair in Knoxville, TN. Shutter Masters is there for all of your window treatment needs, the good and the bad!