10 Ways to Decorate for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to start planning your home’s décor than now! Get yourself into the seasonal spirit by bringing the outside elements in.  Not sure where to start? Here are some ways to bring the autumn spirit into your home.

Add tiny pumpkins to a display to dress it up for fall. Plain pumpkins work well, but if you want to add a unique touch, take a sharpie and paint designs on the pumpkins in colors that match your decor. The result is a totally cool statement piece.

Take your staircase to the next level by adding tied ornamental grasses. You can find the dried kind at crafts stores and if you want the fresh kind, those can be purchased at some floral shops. To make it, simply bundle bunches of the grasses together, secure with a rubber band, and tie to every other post on your staircase with raffia.

To add some spirit to your windows, knot mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves onto a length of twine.

Bring the season to your living room with a spot of fall color. You can arrange tall branches and brightly colored leaves inside a vase. A great space to place it is on your mantel, or in front of a large window. This adds a minimal yet stylish effect to the room.

A mix of elements and textures arranged together adds interest to any corner of your home. Use a varying palette of color and play with the sizes of your chosen objects. Start with a tray and containers, then fill them tray with assorted berries, nuts, and fruit. If you want some extra oomph in your arrangement, paint some of the elements with metallic spray. Generally gold tones work best for fall.

Have you ever looked at a fallen leaf up close and noticed how incredible it looks? Bring this wonder into your home by displaying chosen leaves in glass beakers or miniature vases. These are great to add a point of interest to tables and windows.

Branches are surprisingly complex and beautiful as a centerpiece. Show them off by placing them in a hurricane vase, and exchanging them as the leaves change outside. You’ll have the whole scope of fall as your décor. Looking for an inexpensive yet chic fall vase filler? Try dried beans. Fill the vase with two inches of white beans and red berries for contrast, or experiment with different color combination, such as red kidney beans with berries that are yellow.

Tie a grouping of corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door or window. You can even use different colored corn to create interesting contrast.

Make some great memories and take a walk in nature to gather acorns. When you get home you can use these to make napkin rings that will be perfect for a fall table setting. To do this, drill tiny holes through the sides of nine or ten acorns. Wire the acorns together, alternating the acorns top to bottom so they fit together tightly. Twist the ends of the wire together and trim off the excess. Pair with fall colored napkins such as red, yellow, or orange.