5 Tips for Sparkly Clean Windows

Shutter Masters Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

It’s true that a beautiful window treatment brings life into any room, but if the windows themselves aren’t sparkly clean, this can put a serious damper on your style. Keeping your windows regularly clean can seem like a daunting and tiresome task with problems ranging anywhere from streaks, to dust, and even fingerprints. However, by following a few simple cleaning tips, your only problem will be keeping yourself from walking into a glass pane. Read on to find out the 8 simple steps to follow to ensure a crystal clear view every time!


1. Streaking is a window’s worst enemy. It seems that once you get rid of one streak, another has appeared in an equally annoying place, and this terrible circle can last forever. Use this strategy instead. Wash one side of the window with horizontal strokes and the other side with vertical strokes so you can see exactly which side of the window has a streak. This way you’ll be better equipped knowing exactly where you need to focus your streak fighting.


2. Do you have a massive window that never seems to stay clean, even after you just spent twenty minutes ensuring that it was streak free? Struggle no more. Big windows are like the cousins of windshields, and what works on those is what actually works better on these big puppies. Instead of using your regular paper towel and spray combination, put on your professional windshield cleaner pants and use a squeegee on a long handle or a sponge/squeegee combination to prevent streaks on large windows.


3. If you’re a detailed cleaner, then you’ve probably noticed those tiny scratches that seem to never go away no matter how much you rub at them. Here’s the secret: polish the affected areas with toothpaste. It efficiently helps to microscopically fill in those imperfections, and allow them to be invisible to the naked eye.


4. Check out the weather before cleaning your windows. Washing windows should be done on a cloudy day; this is because direct sunlight dries cleaning solutions before you can polish the glass properly. Also, it’s hard be sure you’re doing anything right if your windows are reflecting the sun directly into your eyes. Trust us, cloudy days=cleaning days.


5. Whoever gave paper towels a good window cleaning reputation probably didn’t look in their own house for better alternatives. There are several household items that work much better at giving you that diamond shine you’re striving for. Once your cleaning solution is dry, polish the glass with a well-washed cotton T-shirt or old cloth diapers. You can also rub a clean blackboard eraser for the same effect. Our favorite tool to use though is crumpled newspaper. Not only does it leave a sparkling shine, but the paper also leaves a film that is resistant to dirt.

And there you have it! Five super easy tips to keep your windows sparkly clean, without the hassle of fighting those pesky streaks. Do these once a week, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a crystal clear view, every time!