10 Ways to Make your Windows Look Amazing

It could be said that windows are the frame for viewing the world’s soul. When your windows look amazing, it simply makes everything else fall into place. With all of the choices out there, it can be fairly challenging to figure out what style will fit you best. Here is some inspiration for making your windows look extra good.
Great Windows - stenciled curtains

1.Take your curtains to the next level and transform them into the exact look you want with stencils and spray paint.
Use a belt for your curtains

2.Add a rustic touch to your room by using an old leather belt to tie back your curtains. Use solid belts or mix and match patterns for an eclectic look.

3. Match curtain color elements with other objects in the room. This allows the eye to have multiple points of interest, making for a more interesting feel to the room.


4. Make your windows the center of attention by picking a dominant bold color that sets the tone for the rest of the room.


5. Contrast linear textures with organic objects such as flowers while maintaining a color scheme. The contrast will immediately add style and interest to the area.


6. Pair a simple curtain with a bold patterned one. This creates a full lush effect. If you have great molding, underline it by making the curtain bar a darker color.


7. Use the shapes of your home to your advantage. Notice how these draped curtains complement the architecture of this neat alcove. One panel is crossing over the other to create a unique, asymmetrical treatment.


8. Add unity to your room by making windows near each other the same color or pattern, but different styles. Notice how this makes the room feel larger as well.


9. For a sophisticated touch, use tassels to tie back draperies. They should generally match the color of the drapes, or a complimentary color to the overall scheme of the room.


10. Use textures that are similar in texture and the up the contrast by setting them against each other.

Every space has a unique personality that can be enhanced by a stylish window treatment. Bring out the beauty of your home today by applying any of these tips to your window ideas. If you need help picking out what styles best fit your home, don’t hesitate to give Shutter Masters a call. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. Let Shutter Masters’ in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. Schedule your free consultation today!

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