Blinds vs. Curtains

For people who love designing the interiors of their home, one of the benefits of living in the modern day world is the infinite options that are out there for window treatment styles. However, this wide array of options can sometimes be intimidating when it comes to actually picking something out. Selecting window treatments can actually be quite easy and even pleasant experience when you know what you’re looking for, and what will work the best with your space. One of the things that you may experience choosing between are blinds and curtains. Both have great aesthetic looks and additional benefits, but certain spaces fit better with one or the other, and sometimes both. Here are some tips on helping you in your decision.

The Best Way to Clean all the Blinds in Your House

Spring is finally in the air, and the excitement of new life is everywhere. Synonymous with the arrival of spring is cleaning…a time where the dust gathered in the winter is swept out, and fresh air is brought into the home. However, one chore nobody seems to enjoy is cleaning the blinds. It’s annoyingly time-consuming, and because there are so many different kinds of blinds, it can be hard to know if you’re even doing it right. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get all of your blinds clean in one day, getting this notorious chore done quickly and effectively, so you can move on to the better things and enjoy the beautiful spring views framed by the loveliest of blinds.

6 Ways to Organize your Closet

Spring is finally here, and the excitement of new beginnings is everywhere. Spring cleaning has always been a special part of this season, allowing us to reorganize the way we live in our daily lives, and smooth out anything that isn’t working. One place in the home that often gets overwhelmingly cluttered during the winter months is our closet. After piling in the coats, presents, and crazy amount of layers needed to stay warm, its clear that a closet intervention is needed by the time spring arrives before it gets out of control. Whether you just have a little bit of a mess, or if you can barely keep your closet door closed, here are six ways to help you get your closet in tip-top shape.

Persona Shades can make your Kid’s room unique 

We can all remember our childhood bedroom that served as the place where we played, imagined, dreamed, and even hid from the monsters in our closet. Now that we’re all grown up with kids of our own, we want to bring the same magic into their lives. However, when browsing the children’s decoration aisle, it’s quickly apparent that most companies have a cookie cutter style that is not very expressive of the creativity of a child’s imagination. It’s no surprise that when looking at children’s window shades, the existing options are not the most uniquely inspired. This is where we come in. Our PERSONA custom printed window shade program makes decorating your child’s room a breeze! Instead of going to ten different stores trying to find the shades to match your idea, simply create them! Or you can even make it into a fun design collaboration project with your kid. They will be thrilled at the fact that they were able to take part in such an important project, and will love it every time they see it. When they are older, they will have a unique heirloom from their childhood that later on in life they can bring back out and use for their own children!

Persona Shades can make any room unique

Have you ever been browsing through the endless rows of window shades and frustratingly realized there was nothing that fit the vision you had for your room? This is all too common in a world that focuses on fitting many styles with one single neutral option. If you think about it though, trying to design something to fit each unique individual’s tastes would be an impossibly massive challenge. This is where we come in. Our PERSONA custom printed window shades make you the designer! Instead of wishing you could find the perfect window shade, you can create it!

Season Of Style Event

It’s time to decorate your windows for the holidays! Celebrate the “Season of Style Event,” now through December 7th, and save with valuable rebates on a selection of stylish Hunter Douglas window fashions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your home holiday ready.

10 Ways to Decorate for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to start planning your home’s décor than now! Get yourself into the seasonal spirit by bringing the outside elements in. Not sure where to start? Here are some ways to bring the autumn spirit into your home.