Top 4 Window Treatment Trends for Fall

As the outside weather lets us know, fall is currently in full swing in Knoxville, Tennessee. When you think of decorating for the fall months, images of flowing cotton fabrics may fill your mind. However, if you’ve had the same fall decorations throughout the past years, you may find yourself growing bored with your home’s current style. We’ve found some fresh new takes on fall decor, and will show you how you can easily transform your existing window treatments to bring your home into fresh 2016 fall style.

Let the Light In

In fall window treatments, one trend that is forever in style is to allow a lot of natural light into your space. To get this look into your home, be sure you use simple panels of sheer airy fabrics that add interest and style to the room, but still let light shine through. You can avoid your home looking too generic and add warmth by selecting a color other than white, like a cheerful yellow or fresh green. There are also some great sheer panel options out there with unique patterns and textures. Whatever you do, the key is to keep it simple. Don’t combine too many textures to keep the display from appearing busy and heavy.

Personalized window treatments

In a world filled with generic shades and window blinds, a little creativity can bring a lot of personality and style to your windows. Personalized window treatments are becoming growingly popular because of their unique ability to provide an creative and efficient touch to any space. You can personalize your window treatments a myriad of ways. Decorative embellishments, such as trim that is added to a curtain will look refreshed and make an excellent focal point of interest. Other ways to personalize your window’s style is to paint blinds to match the colors of the décor around them. You can do this by creating small seasonal paintings on each window, or you can even make abstract images of colors.

Natural Elements

Bringing the outside in has never been more popular. As trends become more and more focused on being eco-friendly, and becoming one with nature, so do the materials used to make window treatments evolve. You can participate in this by using materials that are natural to the environment such as bamboo blinds and natural woven shades to decorate your fall styled home. Pair this up with some simple sheer panels that allow the beauty of the natural texture to come through and you are golden.

Layer Shades and textures

While the overall trend of fall is to keep everything light and airy, another road you can take with fall decoration is to boldly layer shades and textures. If you are focused on keeping energy costs low, one stylish way to do this is to install a blackout shade in a window, and layer an airy sheer shade panel in front of it. Metallic surfaces are very on trend right now, which include silver, bronze, and gold metallic textures. Pair any of these with a fresh complementary color such as yellow, or teal and you will be on the path of bold luxurious fall style. Be sure to keep the layering simple by using classic metal rods to hold everything up and keep the attention on the sumptuousness of the fabric.