Ways to Smoothly Transition Your Home for Fall

Although the hottest months of summer are still coming through, fall is actually right around the corner for Knoxville, Tennesse. While it may feel like summer just started, the end is closer than we realize. This means that before we know it, fall decorations will be popping up in stores and we’ll be left wondering what to do with the summer décor we just put up. Fear not, there is no need to run around in an autumn craze to try to get the most perfectly decorated house on the block. Relax, and instead, aim for a smooth, slower transition into the fall that feels more natural and less forced. Here is how to practice mindful season décor transitions.

Let your windows be a framed view to the outside world

Because the days will be gradually getting cooler, this is the perfect time to turn off the AC, and open up your windows to let the outside air in. Look out your window and notice the gorgeous transition of the world from summer to autumn. Take note of the naturally decorative elements you see outside, and then bring these in to serve as points of interest to frame your window. For example, you could spruce your candle holders up with twigs and leaves that are changing color, or you could make an ornate log and twig arrangement that is bursting with dried berries and leaves.

Mix transitioning colors and patterns

Frame your windows with the changing seasonal colors by adding transitioning pieces like patterned orange, red, or brown window panels, paired with the sheer light colored panels that have been blowing in front of your window all summer. In the transitioning time between summer and fall, it is very visually interesting to pair both of these up in a way that feels so appropriate to the mixed weather outside. Help them better fit together by using color tones that are similar, and textures are complementing and play each other well.

Use natural elements that are in season

While decorative palm leaves are fresh during the summer, they seem a bit out of place once the fall months come around. Instead of trying to make them fit in with the changing seasons, use plants that are actually actively in season in the month you are presently on. Branches, and deep purple flowers like hydrangeas sing the loveliest songs of autumn. Try to use as many natural resources to decorate your home. You can make some stunning decorations with objects like seasonal fruit, branches, gourds, nuts, and pumpkins. These can decorate regular household items like candles, or serve as decorations themselves when arranged around the house in containers like crates, boxes, plates, and trays.

By using these tips, you will be able to make your home’s decorations seamlessly reflect the natural changes happening outside. There is no reason to make sudden stressful changes to the décor, simply allow yourself to be inspired with nature’s visual transitions from one season to another, and decorate accordingly.