When to Hire a Pro

Although DIY is all the rage these days, sometimes its just better to get professional help. This is especially true when you have a great vision of how you want your décor to look, but are unsure of what to actually choose and how to install it. Here are some reasons why it’s better to hire a window treatment expert to make all of your decoration dreams come true.

DIY is not your thing

Although it doesn’t look very hard, installing new window treatments can sometimes be pretty tricky. There are always several factors to consider like where studs should be placed, what decorative molding would look best, and varying sill depth. If any of these small but vital parts of the window installment is not done correctly, it will definitely show it. If you don’t have a lot of experience installing window treatments, its better to hire a professional who will make it a breeze. Plus, if you get a customized window treatment, the professional installation is included in the project price.

Your windows are on the complicated side

Most people don’t like to think of their windows as being complicated, however, this becomes an unwelcome reality when they try to find a ready made decoration at the local improvement store. Because windows can vary in width, height, and other variables, this will significantly affect how they need to be fitted. When you hire a professional to fit your windows, they will be sure to note any issues that could affect the design and installation of your window treatments. They will take your window’s exact measurements and unique lines, and with this information in hand help you choose the perfect solution for your windows. By hiring a professional to do the job you are enduring that the window treatment your windows have provides the perfect fit.

You need design advice

Although it is great to live in a time when the options for window treatments are virtually endless, this can very quickly become overwhelming, especially if decorating isn’t in your arena of expertise. With Shutter Masters, you will be able to explore the options right in your home, and receive customized advice and recommendations based on the space you have and your needs. Going forward with a project with knowing how it will look and function in your home will significantly decrease the stress that can come from decorating, and instead provide you with relaxed tranquility.

You have a very specific vision

Its such a wonderful thing to have an imagination that can come up with the most stunning ideas, however it is often the case that our vision struggles to become a reality when we are faced with the actual options that exist in ready made decorations. Most places carry simple two panel length fraperies, and have a minimal selection of fabric and hardware available. When you work with a window decorating expert, your options become practically endless and you have access to hundreds of styles, fabrics, and hardware options. If these don’t completely fulfill your vision, the window expert can help you in the process of designing your own custom window treatment.

You want to explore advanced features

It’s easy to only focus on the visual details of your window treatment, but don’t overlook the way they can function, which is just as important! If you are interested in exploring more modern advanced operating systems for your window treatment such as cordless, or motorized opening and closing, hiring an expert is the way to go. They will be able to explain the benefits that come with each advanced feature, and be able to recommend the best solution that fits your vision and lifestyle.

If you need help picking out what styles best fit your home, don’t hesitate to give Shutter Masters a call. We will bring samples, fabric and color options so you can see what the treatments will look like in your home or place of business. Let Shutter Masters’ in home services help take the guesswork out of deciding the best solution for your window treatment needs. Schedule your free consultation today!