Are shades the right choice for you? With so many different window treatment choices, it can be difficult to narrow down. Despite their typical fabric design, shades are a more heavy duty option than curtains, but won’t be so hard on the bank account like some top of the line shutters. With Shutter Masters, you have tons of options for color, texture, design, and even functionality of shades – all of these choices allow you to customize and personalize the style of your windows and rooms. Shades softly diffuse natural light into a room, and can even improve the energy efficiency within your house. Heating and cooling energy is often lost through windows. Shutter Masters offers cellular shades, which feature interesting design that functions to insulate the windows they cover. Solar shades can provide privacy without complete loss of light or visibility from inside, and can even block harmful UV rays. Our woven wood shades combine a classic, natural aesthetic option typically seen in shutters and blinds with the ease and simplicity of shades. If you’re interested in shades, but worried about controlling the light in a room, roller shades allow the user to choose the opacity of the window covering. These are only a few of the many shade options offered by Shutter Masters. Scroll down to see more about all of our shade options including: Pirouette, Silhouette, Cellular, Pleated, Woven Wood, Roller, Solar, Roman, Exterior Solar, and Overtone.